MyCA offers value services to new and existing business owners to understand and get a grasp of their positions in their business and industry. We deliver a practical plan to implement the next stage of your business growth. No matter which stage of business you are in, each of our grow your business service areas will commence with a meeting with you, the focus being on you and your business.

See which grow your business service areas is appropriate for your situation.

Business Profile

At your first meeting with MyCA, we will go through with you to understand where you are in business and your motivations, define your business mission, vision and values. You will be guided to share and answer some questions for us through means of a questionnaire and activities. The aim is to pinpoint where you are by advising what you should focus on and the action steps to take. 

In our second meeting, we present you an executive summary report of the assessment results.

Benefits you will receive:

  • Business mission and vision statements
  • Understand your business growth strengths and weaknesses
  • Clarify the areas to grow your business and where to focus

Growth and Action

At your first meeting with MyCA, we start at the business stage you are in and hone in on the key areas your business should focus on to then move to towards the next stage of growth. Using the results of the questionnaire and consultation, develop a practical business action plan with focus areas, delegations and steps to achieve in a given timeframe. 

You are presented with the executive summary report containing work on key areas of focus, set up measurable steps and tasks.

Benefits you will receive:

  • Business growth tactics & strategy
  • A practical action plan tailored to your business that can be implemented

Ongoing Strategy and Plan Management

MyCA can offer your business monthly or quarterly management reports in an informative and visual presentation, and include reporting on your measures and metrics. 

Employing the appropriate measurements into your business helps you understand the performance of your resources, time and money against your business objectives. 

Areas of Focus

  • Team
  • Soft System
  • Market
  • Result and Progress monitor

Benefits you will receive:

  • Visualized periodic management report
  • Projects progress summary 
  • Executive summary